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UPDATED: Ski Trip February 24th, 2018

Evening Everyone,

Once again I come to you the week of the Ski Trip w bad news.   The weather this week is not looking good at all.   Temps in the 50’s and rain.  I cannot in good conscience put Scouts who are not regular skiers on skis on a hill of ice.   I will not risk our Scouts.  I won’t.  If this was three weeks ago and it was cold and snowing, we are there…  (I am blaming that groundhog…)

So now what?   Well first, NO Scout is out any Scout Account money.   Whatever fee or lost deposit will  be taken care of by the Troop.

Second, we need to come up with an alternate plan, and we talked about this at the Troop Meeting tonight.   We presented the situation to the Scouts, talked about it at length, and as a group come up with three alternatives.

  1. MAPS Museum in Green. They are having a Scout program this weekend.  While it is geared towards younger Scouts, we will check on its availability for Boys Scouts.   Cost for that program is $5.00.

If we cannot participate in the program, it is $6.00 for Scouts 12 and under, $10.00 for older and adults.   Group rates are $5 and $9 respectively and you need 16 or more.

Then they wanted to go to lunch @ Wendy’s or a comparable place, Scouts will need money for that, too.

  1. Sky Max Trampoline in Canton.  Jumping is $13 for an hour.  We spoke to Council on this already tonight.  It is not technically against the Guide to Safe Scouting for Boy Scouts, but Council’s Rick Management team strongly discourages units using the facility.  They cite the American Association of Orthopedic Doctors not recommending their use.   Then they wanted to go to lunch @ Wendy’s or a comparable place, Scouts will need money for that, too.
  2. Troop 68 Pancake Breakfast and Patch Trading Show in Wooster. All you can eat pancake breakfast.  $5.00.   Patch show free w uniform.   Scouts would need money if they want to shop the show.  And if they are in to trading patches, they need to bring their traders.  The show will have rules for Scouts trading w adults and w other Scouts.  We would have to figure out lunch, probably the same plan as above.

The Scouts voted for the SkyMaxx.  After talking w Council, our Charter Organization Rep, Mrs. Brenner and Mr King and Mr Longworth, and thinking very hard on it, I am overriding that decision.  Again, I cannot in good conscience send our kids there in to a potentially risky situation w so little safety measures, especially considering Council’s stance on it.

So, first choice is we will go to the MAPS Museum.   If that does not pan out, then the Pancake Breakfast and Patch Show will be our fall back.

Regardless of the alternate, we ARE CAMPING this weekend.   We will have pizza and movies at the building.    I am sure a fire will be built outside.

BUT we will also again NEED ADULT CHAPERONE’S and drivers!   If we cannot get drivers, we will just stay at the building and work on Scout skills, rank advancement, play games, and then have pizza and movies.

I will make calls tomorrow, and then send out what we are 100% doing w the game plan.

Again, I am very sorry about this.  Going forward, the PLC decided we will work on scheduling potential Skiing/Snow Sports activities earlier in the winter, perhaps over Christmas break or in January.

ANY questions, please let me know


Mr. Durkin

330-806-1574 Cell/Text

Hetuck District Klondike THIS coming weekend

Evening Everyone,

Staying warm?   It is too cold out…   But NOT next weekend!!!

The Hetuck District Klondike is Friday, January 12th – 15th, 2018.   It is at the N Lawrence Fish and Game Club.

We are staying in tents, at the Scout building.

Here is the head count total for this coming camp out.
We have 8 Scouts camping both nights and participating in Klondike.
We have 5 that are coming in Saturday and spending the day with us, but not camping.
We will have three adults camping also.

This is a District level event and the cost is $20.00.   So, if you are only coming in for the day, it is still $20.   Covers lunch, patch, program materials, and gear auction Saturday night.    There was over $1,200.00 worth of gear in the auction last year.   Our Scouts did really good w what they won.

We will need to know how everyone is paying on Monday.  Check or money due at meeting.

Be Prepared.

Scouts staying overnight and eating breakfast and lunch will need to pay $5 – 10 or so extra for those two meals.   The PLC will decide the exact amount and let us know Monday at the meeting.   (Or I will send out an amended email tomorrow.)  They will need to set menus.  I highly suggest simple, filling meals.  NO pancakes.   LOL.   (Ask your Scout about their pancake adventures on camp outs lately.)

Lunch is provided.  It will be Pulled Pork sandwiches, mac and cheese, chips, and hot chocolate.   Hot chocolate will be available thru the event before the auction, too.

We will go over cold weather camping at Monday’s meeting.  BUT in the meantime, if this is your Scouts first camp out where the temp will not get above 32 degrees, you must ensure they are prepared.  Any Scout without the correct gear, will be sent home or their parents will have to bring them the correct gear.    Winter gloves and an extra pair, warm socks (EXTRAS).  Stocking hat and face mask if you have one.   Warm coat.  Wicking layers.  Thermals/long johns.   Extra blanket.

Any questions, please let us know!!

We will have fire in building going all weekend.   And at the fire ring, too.

If anyone has any needs, please let us know, we can work on outfitting your Scout w the gear they may need.

Talk to you all Monday.

Mr. Durkin
330-806-1574 Cell/Text

161 Days till Summer Camp!!

**UPDATED** January and February Events

Just wanted to highlight upcoming events during the holidays and thru February 2018!! 

There is LOTS Going on!!!

January 1st:  NO Troop Meeting.  New Year’s Day

January 8th:  Troop Meeting.  7 pm @ Scout Building.

January 10thHetuck Roundtable and OA meeting.  7 pm @ St Mike’s.

January 12-14th:  Hetuck District Klondike.  NLFGC.  $20 plus food (say $5).

January 15th:  PLC Meeting.  7 pm @ Scout Building.

January 22nd:  Troop Meeting.  7 pm @ Scout Building.

January 29th:  Troop Meeting.  7 pm @ Scout Building.

February 3rd:  BPI.  Dalton High School.  Adult Leader Training.

February 5thTroop Meeting.  7 pm @ Scout Building.

February 12thTroop Meeting.  Troop Elections.  7 pm @ Scout Building.

 February 14thHetuck Roundtable and OA meeting.  7 pm @ St Mike’s.

 February 17thTroop Leadership Training.  0800 – 4 pm or so.  Scout Building.  New PLC training, and it is MANDATORY.

February 17th Cub Pack 933 Blue and Gold and Webelos II Crossover.  Saturday Evening.

February 19thTroop Meeting.  7 pm @ Scout Building. 

February 23-25thSki Trip Boston Mills

February 26th PLC Meeting.  7 pm @ Scout Building.

 ALL events are SUBJECT to change. 



November Campout


Reminder, our next camp out is this coming weekend.  It is the Cow Pie Invitational.

November 3rd – 5th @ the Courtney Farm in nearby Beach City, OH.

Cost is going to be $10.00, and is just for the Scouts food.  There are no other costs associated with this camp out.   We have 11 Scouts signed up on the board at the Scout Building.  There are 5 adults going, too.

Meet at the Scout Building @ 6:00 pm Friday.

PLEASE pack for the weather we will be having.   Right now it looks to be on the colder side, with rain on Saturday AM.

We will go over this again at the meeting Monday.

Mr. Durkin

Yankee Peddler IS OVER!!

Congratulations to EVERYONE for a great year!
Special thanks to Mrs Carter and her staff.   They did an EXCELLENT job!

Thank you to everyone for your hard work.
Troop 933 Committee

Camp out this coming weekend!!!


Camp out this COMING weekend!!  October 13th thru 15th.

Spooktoberfest and Fall Flap Jack Flip Weekend

No Scouts turned in any money for this event.  They all said to pull money from their Scout accounts.   PLEASE make sure your Scout HAS money in the account.   Mrs. Venditti supplied balance sheets to every Scout a few weeks ago, they were in their mailboxes.

Scouts are responsible for their OWN lunch and dinner for this camp out.  See below for tips.

Breakfast will be provided BOTH days.

Also remember something for Cracker barrel.   10 Scouts and 4 adults are attending.

They MAY bring a costume for Trick Or Treat Saturday night.  NO weapons, NO Masks.  Scout appropriate please.

Also BAND SCOUTS, I have all my seats full now for coming down after the football game.   If we talked, I have you down for a ride.  I will contact you separately on plans for after the game.  Please remember to have gear at Scout building BEFORE game.   If you want to drop off Thursday?   I can meet at the Scout building after 7:30 pm and open it up for you.  If dropping off Friday, please make arrangements to have it there at 6:00 pm.

We will be returning later than normal due to breakfast.
Time TBD.
We will update everyone as the morning progresses.
Best guess is closer to 11 am.

ANY Questions please let me or Mr. King know.

(Side note…I am SOO excited to camp for real for the first time since April!!!   And, no, I am not counting being at building in May and August as real camping and then of course Summer Camp is its own thing.   These next three months of camping are going to be awesome!!)


Mr. Durkin

330-806-1574 Cell/Text

Troop Schedule / Calendar

The Troop Calendar has been updated through August of 2018.    Some events still are in the planning phase (Ski Trip, April hike) but will be updated as the year goes.

Thanks to all the Scouts that participated in the Planning Meeting.

Mr Durkin

August Camp Out, Court of Honor, and Planning Meeting

August Camp Out, Friday August 18th – 20th.  Scout Building.

Friday 08/18
IF Camping, meet after 6:00 pm @ Scout Building.   Bring Cracker barrel to share.

Saturday 08/19:
Planning Meeting tentatively set for after breakfast.

Parents are painting the Pie Booth in the morning.   Early afternoon there is a Life Project that some Scouts will work on, while others prepare for the COH.

Court of Honor Dinner:  Saturday 08/19.  Arrive 6:00 pm.  Bring covered dish (see sign up email).  Bring lawn chairs and blankets.

Court of Honor.  Approximately 7:30 pm.  Scout Building Amphitheater.

(We have the Clubhouse reserved if the weather does not cooperate.) Court of Honor is a Troop Event, Class A uniforms must be worn.

July Gettysburg Trip – Canceled

Our Gettysburg Trip has been canceled due to low signups.   Out of a Troop of 20 + Scouts, we had 4 interested in going, and only 2 adults.   I am very sorry this had to be canceled.

Perhaps we can look at doing this over a long weekend next year, with some modifications on itinerary due to the time of year we look to go.

As a corrective action, going forward, we will have Deposits and Signups months in advance.   We had been talking about this trip since April, so it should not have been a surprise, the approximate days were know a head of time.  Also, we will form committees to handle the planning and implementation of these trips.

Going forward, in July of 2018 we are looking at going back to the Summit Bechtel Family Reserve in West Virginia for their Appalachian Weekend.  Zip lining, rock climbing, canopy tours…  SO PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.   This is a great opportunity to do a lot activities that by themselves may cost upwards of $75 each, for a low price and all in one place and at a world class facility.

ANY questions or concerns, please direct them to Mr. Durkin: 330-806-1574 Cell/Text

Summer Camp 2017… THANK YOU !!!

Wanted to thank ALL the adult leaders and parents that made Summer Camp 2017 possible!!   Some came with us during the week, some worked behind the scenes…  ALL made a difference.

Without YOU it would not have happened for our Scouts.

Thank you very much!!!

NOW, it’s on to our Gettysburg Trip in July!!

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