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Summer Camp


Troop 933 attends Summer Camp each year at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation (7R).     7R is located in Carroll County, approximately an hour away.   It is a week spent in nature, away from the world, learning new skills, making new friends, and honoring the past.

It is hard.
It is fun.
It is challenging.
It is rewarding.
It can be a life changing event.
But mostly, it is fun!

What follows here are some basics for our Scouts and families to “Be Prepared” for summer camp.

The Theme this summer is…   


When?  June 11th – 17th, 2023
Where?   Seven Ranges Scout Reservation
7070 Meter Road NE
Kensington, OH  44427
Main Office: 330-738-2085 

Buckeye Council web page link for Summer Camp info: Summer Camp Resources

Prerequisites for Merit Badges.  Some Merit Badges the Scouts will take have prerequisites that must be completed at home before camp.   They are then brought to camp and shown to the counselor, or signed off on by the Scouts leader.  See the specific Pre-req’s for your Merit Badges.

Here is the Merit Badge list, times, and pre-reqs: WILL UPDATE once Council releases updated MB info for amended camp season.

Pipestone Camp Honors.   Please visit this link for information on the meaning,  purpose, and history of 7R’s Camp Honors program.   Pipestone Camp Honors  Contrary to what your Scout or his friends may have heard, your Scout IS ALLOWED to talk about the program ceremony with you.   They are NOT to talk about it with younger Scouts, so that the mystery and mystique are not taken away from the younger Scout.   Scouts must bring a bundle of wood as part of their requirements for the Camp Honors program.   They must gather one cubic foot of wood, which is approximately a full milk crate of wood.

Bundle of wood for Camp Honors.

From the Summer Camp Leaders Guide:

“Wood should be straight, about 12″ to 16″ long, no thinner than your little finger and no thicker than your thumb… the Scout gathers one cubic foot of dry, naturally barkless wood.”

See a senior Scout for ideas on how to find the wood.  ALL wood must be inspected by the Senior Patrol Leader or the Scouts he designates at a Troop meeting before camp.

Online Gear and T Shirt Sales
Here are two websites, not affiliated with our Troop, that Council has provided for pre-sale of gear.   The first site has T shirts, hoodies, and other gear, it is NOT run by the Buckeye Council.   Tghese items will be shipped to your home address/

The second is Councils Summer Camp pre-sale site.   If a Merit Badge has an extra fee or a kit associated with it, you can purchase it here.   You can pick up these items at camp.

IF you purchase something from this site, please let the Scoutmaster and designated adult know so we can make arrangements to pick up all orders.  Also, please give us a copy of your receipt at check in the Sunday of camp in case there are any issues once we arrive at camp.

ANY questions, please ask!

Pre-order Shirts and Gear:

Pre-order Patches, MB Supplies, Adult training, Shotgun ammoCouncil Online Store

Gear List:  Click Here  –>>>Summer Camp Gear List 2021

Medical Forms:

See YOU there!


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