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High Adventure

High Adventure.   What exactly does that mean?   What is it?

Simply put, High Adventure is a “vacation” trip with your Scouting Family.   It is “High Adventure” because it is to be an experience you might not normally have on a vacation.

–Going to the Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton.   We did that.

–Backpacking in the Smokey Mountains?  Yeah, the Troop did that in 2014.

–Go to the Summit Bechtel Reserve in July 2015?  Check that one off too!

–Tour the battlefield at Gettysburg?   Yep, that was just last year in 2019!!

–Philmont?  Completed a trek in 2021



First, July: 18th – August 5th   Philmont Trek

Second, TBD in July too!

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