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Adult Leaders

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They are our Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Charter Organization Representative.  
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Troop Adult Leadership
Scoutmaster  John Durkin
Asst. Scoutmaster  Scott King
Asst Scoutmaster Matt Luckring
Asst. Scoutmaster John Stutzman
Committee Members
Committee Chair Lori Wood
Charter Organization Rep Cindy Brenner
Treasurer  Denise Carter
Advancement Chair Kim King
Secretary  Rindi Stutzman
Quartermaster Todd Peterson
Unit Commissioner  Deb Zorn
Parent Coordinator Amy Kellman
Committee Member Mark Kellman
Committee Member Steve Longworth
Committee Member   Mike Venditti
Committee Member Linda Venditti
Committee Member  Alan Boggs
Committee Member  Jane Boggs
Committee Member  Tim Ryan
Committee Member  Joleen Del Rio
Committee Member  Bob Stuck
Committee Member  Janet Allen
Committee Member Paul Knoebel
Committee Member Matt Polen
Committee Member George Maier
Committee Member Joe Morales


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