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Adult leaders… do you need to get trained for your position?   Are you interested in more training?   Are you even trainable?    The answer to all three questions is YES.   So how do you go about it?

First, you need create an account at the National website:

My Scouting:

There are a bunch of courses to take online.

Want more training?   How about in a class room setting?  Then the Buckeye Council’s annual Baden Powell Institute is for you.   It is the first Saturday in February.   Click on this link for information on the upcoming BPI for 2023.

Here is the link for Buckeye Council’s training page:

How about ADVANCED adult leadership training?   Then Wood Badge is the thing for you.  Passed down from Baden Powell himself, the aims and goals of this program WILL make you a better leader.  For more information:

Buckeye Council Wood Badge

Wood Badge

We are not forgetting the Scouts.   There are opportunities for training for you too.   The major one is NYLT, National Youth Leadership Training.   It is offered twice each summer.  These week long programs train Scouts to be better leaders in and out of Scouting.   Scouts MUST have attended this course in order to be considered for election to Senior Patrol Leader.
For more information:

Buckeye Council NYLT

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