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Troop Meeting Changes

The Troop has faced some challenges these past six months.   Our next challenge is…

It’s getting DARK really early!

Yep.  The dark. 

We are meeting primarily outdoors right now due to group restrictions in place from the State of Ohio and the NLFGC.  With the coming of fall and earlier sunsets, that’s going to become a challenge.  So we have adapted a new plan for some of our meetings.

Starting on THIS COMING MONDAY, October 5th, we will be meeting at the North Lawrence Fire Department!!

Normal meeting times.  We will have ample room to spread out and be socially distant.   And we will have lights!!   We will be able to go outside as needed.

PATROL LEADERS.  If there gear/items YOU need for these meetings that are at the Scout Building, YOU must arrange w the Quartermasters and Adult Leaders to pick them up immediately before the Troop meeting and make sure they are returned after it.

There is a caveat, of course, we can only meet there every other week due to a meeting the fire station has every other week.

So, here is the schedule for meetings through December.  Any are subject to change due to it being 2020 and all… (I did not list Committee or Adult Leader Meetings.  Those are at the Scout Building still.)


Monday 10/05/20            Troop Meeting                  NLFD

Monday 10/12/20            Troop Meeting                  Scout Building

Monday 10/19/20            Troop Meeting                  Probably @ Scout Building to prepare for camp out.

Friday 10/23-25/20          October Camp Out          Seven Ranges Scout Reservation

Monday 10/28/20            PLC Meeting                      Scout Building


Monday 11/02/20            Troop Meeting                  NLFD

Monday 11/09/20            Troop Meeting                  Scout Building (Prep for camp out)

Friday 11/13-15/20          November Camp Out     Camp Manatoc

Monday 11/16/20            PLC Meeting                      Scout Building

Monday 11/23/20            Troop Meeting                  Scout Building

Monday 11/30/20            NO Meeting                       Thanksgiving Break


Monday 12/07/20            Troop Meeting                 Scout Building (prep for camp out)

Friday 12/11-13/20          December Camp Out     Seven Ranges

Monday 12/14/20            PLC or COH?                     NLFD

Monday 12/21/20            No Meeting                       Christmas Break

Monday 12/28/20            No Meeting                       Christmas Break



Monday 01/04/21            Troop Meeting                  Scout Building

We will still be wearing masks and going through our protocols that we have in place.  Any meeting at the Scout Building will be primarily outdoors.  They maybe a split meeting where ½ the Troop comes at one time and the other later to minimize people there at one time.   (That is something we are working on.)  So Scouts will have to dress appropriately for the weather.   Headlamps will be recommended for Scouts.

The first Mondays are normally Board of Review nights.  While we have not discussed this as a Committee, I am sure we can adapt as need be.

So that’s the plan going forward.

Any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Mr. John Durkin

Scoutmaster Troop 1933

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