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October Backpacking Camp Out Post # 2

Howdy Again All, this one is shorter…

Hopefully the Scouts that attended the 09/19 meeting came home talking about the different foods they sampled at the meeting. Why were they sampling food? As part of our Backpacking Camp Out Prep for the October Camp out, we had food demos for the Scouts.

Thank you to Mr. Luckring and his crew, Mr. Stutzman, Mr. Maier, and Mr. Peterson (and Quentin, Keegan and Parker for helping too) for a great demo of different foods Scouts can make on a backpacking camp out. From a simple trail stove, to cooking over coals with a mess kit, to a small wood burning stove, various easy and simple preparation methods were demoed.

Our Chefs made food to sample that was really good and very importantly, very CHEAP food as meal alternatives. Buffalo chicken and cheese quesadillas made w pouch (Tyson/Starkist) buffalo chicken. Cajun spam quesadillas! Ramen noodles w canned chicken added. A simple trail stew w carrots, potatoes and beef jerky cooked over a trail stove. Heated up Vienna sausages and spam. All the food was really good, and I speak from experience as I tried most of them I think. Many, many ways to cheaply have a meal, but still have the nutrition and calories needed to replace what we would use up, and what you need, while hiking.

The point was to show them that sure a freeze dried meal is fine, but they are expensive. With just a little effort and creativity, they can have a good meal, that they like, relatively cheaply. The Ramen noodles w a chicken pouch was under $2.00 a meal. Many of the others were similarly priced. Compared to one Mountain House Freeze Dried meal that can run you $8.00 +.

Our plan right now for the October camp out is for the Scouts to make 2 meals individually or with a buddy. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Then we will have a normal Patrol meal for dinner on Saturday. Patrol meal cost to be determined.

Lots more info about the October Camp Out to follow. So far there are 12 Scouts signed up.

ANY questions of concerns, please get w the leaders mentioned above or myself.

John Durkin

Scoutmaster Troop 1933

330-806-1574 Cell/Text

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