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Yankee Peddler 2019 Details

Good Evening Everyone,

It is the beginning of August and Yankee Peddler will be here before we know it.  Yankee Peddler is the biggest fundraiser of the year.  The money earned goes toward Summer Camp and Troop dues for our Scouts. For 2018/2019 this covered the cost of camp $330.00 and dues of $120.00 for total of $450.00.  We also were able to put some monies into the scout accounts for them to be able to use toward scout gear and camp outs.

This year’s dates are: 

  • Saturday, September 7th     and   Sunday, September 8th
  • Saturday, September 14th   and   Sunday, September 15th
  • Saturday, September 21st   and   Sunday, September 22nd

Families need four (4) adult days and three (3) Scout days.  Scouts that are 5th year Pipestone holders have a different requirement if they are not planning on attending summer camp.     

The Scouts handle the trash around the festival.    The adults cook and staff the two booths we run, which requires handling food and money.    Adults also can supervise the Scouts as walkers, which requires walking through the Yankee Peddler festival.   Time is also credited for set up and tear down of the booths.  (We will have dates and times for these once we hear from the Yankee Peddler organizers). As in the past, if you have an adult relative or family friend that wants to work a day or two to help your family meet your required adult days, they may.  Only a registered Scout may work for another Scout (no siblings or youth friends). 

For each workday we need:

3 cooks (Historically adult men due to working with fire and the cooker.  They will wear period apparel).  Start @ 0630 and get that fire going!

8  women (5 for Moms booth, 3 for Pie booth)

15 Scouts (wear red troop shirts, boots, solid colored pants with belts.) We have this broken down by a) Older scouts 3rd year pipestone holders and above  b) Younger scouts Webelo II to 2nd year pipestone holders.

6 adult walkers

The festival runs from 10:30 am – 6:30 pm each day.  Scouts and other parents not cooking must arrive BY 9AM.  The start time is earlier for the first Saturday, 8:30 AM of the festival, this is to get the booths ready and the Trash barrels to the correct spots.  So plan on a full day 9:00 am to approximately 7: 00 pm.   We have to staff full days before we can look at partials. 

Scheduling will be done on a  First Received basis of emails

New this year:

We will be scheduling Older scouts with a minimum of 3 no more than 4 for each day until each of the older scout spots are filled.  This is to ensure that we have a good mix of Older and younger scouts so the younger ones will have the benefit of being trained by the older scouts and to ensure we have a good coverage on each day. This is also to ensure we can fulfill our obligation to the Yankee Peddler with giving them the best service possible.  For the older scouts if you request certain days and the maximum number of spots for Older scouts is filled you will need to schedule other days that have open spots for older scouts.  

Scott King is in charge of Scheduling this year.  Please use the email below to send your request.  If you send your request to another email you may not get scheduled.  This email is only for Yankee Peddler.

Scheduling will open August 4th  and then it will close August 18th:

Please send an email  with your family’s first choice and then second choice for days and jobs. Please make sure you specifically list names and i.e. list adult vs scout.  Sounds silly we know, but if you have a friend or relative helping out in an Adult spot we will know who they are working for and we can call them by name instead of “Hey you”.  If you have any physical limitations please let us know also.     We will try to accommodate as best we can for schedules.   We do have quotas that must be filled for staffing.   Once those are met, we will close a day/job. 

Full disclosure, we do have some positions already filled by Committee members or parents who have experience in them. There are no best days.  They are all long, hard, challenging, and honestly, fun!

The final schedule will be posted on the Troop website and emailed out to everyone closer to the festival.

We will close scheduling August 18th. So please send your emails  BEFORE August 19th.

If you need Red Troop Shirts you can order from the troop website.  http:/   Troop Gear / Online store.  You can click the link below to take you directly there.  The shirts costs $9-$12 depending on the size, we do not carry youth sizes.    Payment is made at the time you get your shirts, checks can be made to Troop 933.  Matt and Renee Polen take care of ordering the shirts and getting them to you. 

ANY questions, please check with myself, Lori Wood, Denise Carter,  Rindi Stutzman, or Scott King.

Cindy Brenner

Lori Wood     

Denise Carter

Rindi Stutzman

Scott King       

Thank you

Cindy Brenner

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