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Hetuck District Klondike Info

Evening Everyone,

PLEASE pass this info on to your Scout if they are attending the Klondike January 18th – 20th.

This will also be shared on our Troop Facebook Page and our website:

See this link for all Klondike related materials:

Klondike is coming up and there are skills and gear ALL Scouts will need to be familiar with to compete.  This is shaping up to be a very Scout Skills intensive Klondike.    We have gone over fire building and other Scout skills the past few meetings and camp outs, and we will go over lashings this coming meeting.

From the above Council link, click on the Resources Tab.   The two items all Scouts need to be familiar with are the

Equipment List and the Waterless Stew Recipe.

The Equipment List has required Patrol and Scout gear listed.  If your Scout does not have the correct winter gear, they will not be allowed to compete.    DO NOT go out and buy a snow suit/pants.  If you have them, wear them, if not, make sure your Scout is layered up and has extras as needed.  We will make sure each Patrol has the required gear.

The Waterless Stew Recipe is for lunch.  They will be cooking “on the trail” at whatever city they happen to be at during lunch time.    We will have two sleds competing right now, so we will need two meals.     As you can see from the link, this is an older recipe, from an older event, and it was typed out on a typewriter!  Scouts these days do not make a lot of stews.    They will have to for this Klondike.   After Monday’s meeting, a couple Scouts from each Patrol will be tasked w getting the food and precutting/packaging as needed.   We will go over it on Monday.  IF your Scout will not eat a stew, please send something to supplement the meal for them, that does not need to cook, would probably be best.

Again, please pass this on to your Scouts.   They need this info!!

We have approximately 12 Scouts attending this event right now.   If your Scout is coming in for the day Saturday, make sure they are at the Scout building by 7:30 am at the latest.    We have a few Scouts with sports conflicts that will be there later in the morning.   We also have three older Scouts, including our SPL, that cannot attend due to Band Solo/Ensemble.   Cole Carter will be our acting SPL.

The Klondike is $20 per Scout.  Patrol food will be an additional fee.  I would guess $5.00 or so each, but we will have to see.   The Assistant SM’s, the PLC, and I will look over the lunch meal recipe and discuss.   We will let you all know ASAP.    For Adults, it is $10 a person, plus our breakfast and lunch cost, TBD.

If your Scout has NOT signed up, but wants to participate, please let us know by Friday, January 11th.  

Have a great week!


Mr. Durkin

Scoutmaster Troop 933

330-806-1574 Cell/Text

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