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Yankee Peddler 2018

The 46th Annual Yankee Peddler Festival

Yankee Peddler 2018 is almost upon us.  In little over a month, we will once again be on the midst of our biggest fundraiser of the year.   This year we are only tweaking our menu a little bit, with the addition of Potato Chips for our sandwiches and Skewers for our… PICKLES!!

Mrs. Carter is once again leading our team.   She did a fantastic job last year.   Everyone really got together and made it a great year.

Assisting her with the scheduling of hours is Mrs. Allen.   She has sent out an email for families to start the sign up process.   We will need a good mix of veteran and new Scout families to insure that our high quality is maintained.  Also, this will make sure that the institutional knowledge the veteran volunteers have is passed down to the newer families.  This will be invaluable going forward as our Troop skews younger with the addition of new Scouts and their families.   So, please be flexible if we ask people to move around or to lead a days efforts.

From her email, with additions:

For each weekend we need:

2 cooks (Historically adult men due to working with fire and the cooker. Will wear period apparel.  Provided by the Troop). Start @ 0630 and get that fire going!

7 women (4 for Moms booth, 2 for Pie booth, and one floater. Will wear period apparel.  Provided by the Troop).

10 Scouts (wear red troop shirts, troop hats, sturdy boots, and solid colored pants with belts.)

2-4 adult walkers t(o supervise the Scouts and lend assistance as needed).

The festival runs from 10:30 am – 6:30 pm each day. Scouts and other parents not cooking must arrive BY 9AM. (The start time may be earlier for the first Saturday of the festival). So plan on a full day, 9:00 am to approximately 7:00 pm, or until released by the Adult in charge for the day. We have to staff full days before we can look at partials.

For more information, please see her email from July 19th, it goes into a lot more detail.

Thank you for all your efforts in support of YOUR Scouts!!

Now, get signed up!!


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