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Camping THIS weekend!!


We are camping this weekend.

Here are the 8 Scouts that signed up on the board:
(See FB group or email for list)

These three adults will be camping:  Mr. Durkin, Mr. King, Mr. Hall

We are going Saturday to the Troop 68 Pancake Breakfast and Patch Show @ the Church of the Cross UMC, 5100 Cleveland Rd (Rt3), Wooster, OH 44691.

Map w directions:

This is one of Troop 68’s fundraisers for the year.  So it’s going to be cool to help them and get a good breakfast

The MAPS Museum program was geared to Cubs and young Girl Scouts.   I spoke to the person in charge @ MAPS and they did not recommend it for Boy Scouts.   Brandon, Andrew, and I made this decision this evening.

So, here is the plan.

Fri, Feb 23rd:   Meet at Scout Building 6 – 630 pm.   We will set up tents for those staying out.
Bring cracker barrel.

Sat, Feb 24th:  Get Up.
Any Scouts NOT camping must be at Scout building by 7:45 am.

We will leave @ 8:00 am for the Pancake Breakfast, ALL YOU CAN EAT.
Pancake breakfast is $5.00.  Scouts MUST bring $5.00.
Patch Trading/Show is FREE if in uniform.
Bring money to shop, bring patches to sell/trade.
We will stay at show a few hours to let Scouts eat/trade/buy/sell/look.
Leave Wooster, head back towards Scout building.  Stop for lunch.  Scouts will need money for lunch (Wendy’s in Dalton probably since Dairette is still closed.)
Return from lunch, around 1:30 – 2:00 pm, will have activities.
(Mr. Durkin will get a nap hopefully.)
6:00 or so.  Dinner, pizza etc to be provided.
After dinner, movies, games, etc. Scouts not camping are welcome to stay till 9 or so.
Lights out

Sun Feb 25th:   Get up, break camp, pickup by 9:30 am

So again, Scouts need $5.00 for breakfast, and money for lunch @ Wendy’s or someplace comparable.  Dinner will be provided by the Troop.

If your Scout is listed above, please confirm they are going/not going.   If your Scout is NOT on the list above, but wants to go, please let me know ASAP so we have an accurate head count.

Our four brand NEW Scouts are totally invited to come out if they choose.   Come for the day, come for the afternoon and dinner and movie, JUST LET ME KNOW so we can plan for you.

Also, we will STILL need drivers to get to Wooster.   Mr. King has a prior engagement and will be busy in the AM, and cannot go.  I can drive to Wooster, and take a few Scouts.  We need at least two other parents to go along.   Please let me know.   If we cannot get drivers, we will only camp at the building and find stuff to do around there.   I think the Scouts will enjoy the breakfast, and have a good time at the Patch Show.

Thanks again!

Mr. Durkin

330-806-1574 Cell/Text

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